Ten Things You Need to Know about a great Cause

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Ten Things You Need to Know about a great Cause

Ten Things You Need to Know About the Great Backyard Bird Count

1. It's open to novices and experts alike and helps bird scientists map how birds are doing.

2. You can count birds for as little as fifteen minutes — great for short attention spans!

3. Each year, participants submit some great photos from their backyard counts. (The chickadee featured above was taken by a volunteer last year.) Get the rules for submitting your great photo here.

4. The number one most reported bird for 2010 was the Northern Cardinal. It's hard to miss those bright red feathers!

5. In 2010, over 11 million birds were counted in backyards, schoolyards and parks across America.

6. A total of 602 species were observed in 2010. There are more than 800 species found in the United States.

7. Over 97,000 checklists were submitted in 2010.

8. If you are old enough to hoist a pair of binoculars, you are old enough to join in!

9. Get started by watching this video on this year's Great Backyard Bird Count.

10. This year's Great Backyard Bird Count is February 18-21. Get more information and don't miss the fun!